Building e-commerce website like Amazon. Flipkart and Alibaba, etc. is an accomplishment of its own. Approximately 18% of world retail sales signified by e-commerce in this year. Considering this figure of sales, the upcoming e-commerce sales predicted in billions, hence this is the best time to start online shopping website like Amazon.

Why Amazon being a role model for e-commerce

Amazon is the leading ecommerce merchant in the market, and they have still maintained the same position and never let other merchants to take that place. Their sales are 5 times greater than their competitors.

How Amazon Works 

Like all companies, amazon uses an analysis of behavioral factors. They collect statistics from the customers. This helps to understand the needs of buyer. Developing a huge industry for its purposes, the company has progressively became proficient in the development of cloud servers. Now, Amazon is not only the e-commerce industry but also enables the person to take use of his architecture.

Amazon has launched FBA program for their sellers. It enables sellers to sign up the amazon website and sell products using their own brand. Amazon takes small percent of sales and benefitted more sellers.

Major Highlights in the Amazon 


Amazon’s structure act as midway between dealers and customers. Initially, Amazon has not limited the products in their warehouses because it formed a contact with hundreds of merchants detained by its sellers. They make use of the sellers by taking over the marketing cost and selling of their products and it benefits large customers. Since then, the structure holds strong.

Trend Setter

Amazon has made a habit of looking for the latest trends and capitalizing on them before someone does. It finds out people’s expectations on product, then produces the same on its own version.

Single Click Checkout

Most of the e-commerce sites fail is the number of steps it takes to complete the transaction. But Amazon has one-step check out for its featured customers and they are done. In Amazon, product page retains the same URL even the product is not available, thus avoiding the link rot that outbreaks so many traders.

Inclusive product Selection

Customers always want comprehensive services on the Web, and the Amazon accomplishes the needs, especially within their original focus of book.

How to Build to Amazon like e-commerce website & App

Technologies Needed 

  • Front End: Angular js
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Backend: PHP, Laravel

Significant Features for an e-commerce Website

Before building an e-commerce website like Amazon, let us know the essential features for setting up e-commerce website to maintain maximum conversions, and improve shopping experience. 

Webstore Setup

Design and interface must attract the user and give them a memorable experience. Depending on the customization level and increased traffic, the designer will have to conceive several revenue streams. It is the heart of the business and it requires much effort and cost. 


Amazon cloud would be trust-worthy, safe and minimal cloud solution which is mostly preferred by large e-commerce giants. Hosting is the basic concern while developing a large e-commerce website like Amazon as it demands multiple users, data secure, and scalability as its key requirements.

Payment Gateway

Payment gateway is the most vital part as they handling transactions between you and your customers by upholding complete privacy of customer’s payment card details. Payment gateway takes around two to three days to integrate into your site. 

Mobile App

In this smartphone generation, we cannot start a shopping business without mobile app. When it comes to online shopping, mobile app is necessary to reach wide audience. While developing mobile app for e-commerce business, user experience must be reliable across all devices and they are able to intuitively find the products they are looking for.

Maintenance and security

It’s not how well your website is, the security matters. Periodical updates, SSL, and the encryption makes the customer feel that their data is secure. Security is fundamental aspect to any website and with ecommerce, the stakes just get higher.


A website is said to be final only after placing the content. Content is not just only the product descriptions and the information which aimed the audience about the business but also the SEO, ads and things that enhances the brand presence on the network.

Cost for Developing an e-Commerce Website & App

Cost to build e-commerce website takes around tens of thousands of dollars if personalized e-commerce development is chosen. Considering the ongoing standards, the tentative average cost is of around $16,000.

Technical Aspects Approximate Cost per Annum
Choice of Platform $300
Store Design $150 to $350
Web Hosting $18 onwards


While looking these costs, ready-made script is the simplest way to make large merchant sites like Amazon, Flipkart & Alibaba. It costs around $1000.


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