How to Build an Uber-like app? Know the cost & Tech Stack for A Uber-like Taxi App

You no longer need to think “to ride in a taxi is a luxury”.

Just a few clicks on your mobile phone and your taxi will reach your place.

It is indeed the best shortcut facility provided by the Uber-like taxi app for the well-organized time management and budget-friendly ride.

Without any doubt, the growth rate will increase in the next decade.

So, What do you infer?

If you require to build a standard business solution for taxies, you can build an Uber-like app which will, in turn, brings you a huge turn over each year.

Know About Uber’s Way Of Attracting Customers

When someone’s proposal is successful, new startup companies and potential entrepreneurs try to craft something akin and reiterate their success. The accomplishment of Uber’s taxi app has motivated the appearance of copious businesses operating in the on-demand market. Let us see what has attracted customers to choose Uber.

Uber's Way Of Attracting Customers

  • Riders are able to receive the required offline service just after online booking.
  • Driver-Partners are free to pick whether they will afford the service to that particular patron or decline the request.
  • The same way, Uber app’s launch has made the riders have the freedom to cancel the ride after the booking.
  • Security of the passengers has been provided by the Uber app.
  • When you use Uber clone app, there is an individual app for the rider, driver-partner, and the admin which makes the process smooth and tranquil.
  • Any business has an objective as profit. Here, Uber draws 25% of the ride rate as a commission (isn’t it sounds interesting).

Augmenting Your Business By Building Uber-like App

  • Leap into the business with a Primitive(older) Approach.
  • Aggregate the demands of the Driver-partner and the rider and create a sustainable model in the form of a mobile app to create a Uber-like driver passenger taxi app
  • Congregate the demands of the customers with distributed supply chain management.
  • keep hold of your existing and present customers.

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This way, you can foster your business in the on-demand market and can have a feather on your cap.

Now, let us shed some light on what had inspired the starters to chase and build an Uber-like app. The answer is so obvious, because of its attractive and user-friendly features present in the app.

How Does Uber Passenger Driver App Work?

The Uber taxi app connects the driver-partners with the riders.

  • In the cities where the Uber taxi operates, the rider can request a ride with the help of the Uber app by selecting the destination.
  • When there is a driver-partner available nearby, he will accept your ride request (which is the major objective of any on demand taxi business).
  • Uber app displays the estimated time of arrival of their driver-partner to your pick-up location.
  • The app also displays the driver name, vehicle number, driver phone number and, license plate number.
  • The app provides an optimized route for the driver.
  • If the rider has any preferred route, then they may talk through the direction with the driver-partner.
  • When you arrive at the destination, the trip ends and the fare is calculated and you can pay by any payment method.
  • Right away after your trip ends, your app will ask you to rate the driver-partner for the feedback purpose.

Must-Have Features For Uber Like Taxi App:

If you have planned to launch an Uber-like taxi app, you should showcase and provide many features for your customers. Let us contemplate about the must-have features for building a brand new Uber-like app.

Probably, not many of us know that Uber complies of three mobile applications.

  • The customer-app
  • The driver-partner app
  • The admin platform
Customer App Features:
Track a ride

Uber provides an opportunity for the rider to track the driver and also the ride after they have confirmed booking the ride.

Fare Estimation

The passengers can able to view the estimated fare to their destination which is calculated on the basis of the demand, pick-up and drop location and, the car chosen.

Multi-mode payment

To make the ride most comfortable and user-friendly, Uber provides different modes of payment to pay the fare. the riders can use any mode of payment like credit card, debit card, internet banking, cash, mobile wallets, etc.

Track Service History

If the passengers travel on a daily basis, Uber-like app has an attractive feature to track the service history about the rides at a particular time.

Favorite Destinations

This particular feature facilitates passengers who are traveling to the same location repeatedly. They can just click on the location and save the location as home, office, outing, coffee shop, etc according to their convenience.

Book Now Ride Later

This enables the customers to schedule their travel before the definite time of the ride. After confirmation, the passenger will acquire the driver’s details just one hour before the stipulated time.

Book for others

Here, the passengers can book a ride for their acquaintances with the help of their account.

Panic Button

To make sure their customers are riding safe with their driver-partner, Uber-like app has a feature called Panic. If the customer feels anything eerie, they can click on that button which alerts the nearby police station.

Split charges

When the rider is traveling with the friends, the fare is split between them and they can pay it with any mode of transaction method they are likely to choose.

Driver App Features


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Route Optimization:

The Uber app shows the most optimized route to reach the destination. The driver is flexible to choose some other route and reach the drop location.

Quest Earnings:

The Uber Driver app has a predefined number of rides to be completed to win extra amount on daily basis.

2-Minute Cancellation Window:

The driver can very well cancel the ride if the passenger takes longer than 2 minutes to reach the pick-up location or the customer needs to pay the waiting time fee along with the ride fare.

Heat Maps:

This feature enables the driver to look on to the map where the demand is huge. This profits the driver to get more rides if he moves to that location where there are more number of requests.
Forward Dispatch: The driver-partner can accept another request from a passenger while he is still completing the present ride. This assists them to cut the wait time for another ride and earn some extra money.

Admin Features

Drivers Management:

Admin can manage the drivers who have registered on the app. They can approve or reject any account request. The drivers can come online in the app only when the admin approves your request.

Vehicle Management:

Admin can check the vehicle document and can approve/ reject the vehicle.

Rental Packages:

Admin can use this feature to quote the price for a different model of a taxi. Admin can analyze and prepare different packages like basic, luxurious, /prime, etc. Admin can fix price per km, price per minute, minimum fare, commission, cancellation charges and peak time charges for an individual type of vehicle.

Manual Dispatch:

This feature helps to assign a trip request to the driver-partner on behalf of the customer. It helps the rider to book a ride when there is poor network connectivity in their locale.


The admin can have the view of the entire system like the number of customers, Drivers registered, Total earnings, number of trips engaged, trips in progress, Notification, etc.


For betterment in on demand business like Uber taxi, the admin can be able to view all the review given by riders for the driver. They can import it to an excel sheet to have an apparent examination.

Trip Management:

Admin can view all the trips done so till date on the system. He can also filter the trip by vehicle name, number, driver’s name, date of trip, etc and inspect the invoice for any trip.


This section will help the admin highlight about the promo code and offers for a period. Admin can feed all the information in this section which will be reflected when the rider opens the app.

Development Process and Technology Stack used to build an Uber-like app

You need to build an awesome uber-like taxi app which aids even a layman to use it. Isn’t it?

Now, to build an Uber-like app with pretty good design, you need to have in mind the following criteria:

  • Easy handling
  • Popularity
  • Clarity

Let us precisely go through the technology stack for developing Uber-like app:


Node.js is one of the technologies which is preferred over other veteran technologies for developing a Uber-like app. It is familiar for a lightweight development approach. You can go for this framework because it facilitates to empower development process with amazing functionalities for constructing an Uber-like app.

Node.js uses javascript which is the most preferred client-side programming language and many developers will have in-depth knowledge in it.

Native ios or Android

If you need to design a budget-friendly and simple app, you will choose only one platform. This depends on your target riders. Customers may use both Android or iOS platforms. Undoubtedly, for building an Uber-like app, casing both Android and ios would be of the first choice. Many trusted software company is skilled in developing both platforms. Backend and its functionality would be the same for both Android or iOS, but tools and frameworks would be platform-specific.

Are you confused to choose which front end tool to use for creating a user-friendly Uber-like app? Angular will assist you to build a Uber-like app with many functionalities.


It is one of the most used javascript frameworks. The modular approach helps the coder in segmenting the code, easy testing, updates activities. It can be easily added to an HTML page through a simple coding script. The reason why developers who codes for Uber-like taxi app go for angular is

  • It supports a wider community for developing an app
  • Effortlessly understandable
  • Customizable
  • Easy testing
Mongo DB (Backend)

MongoDB could be used as a database to build a Uber-like app. The mobile-optimized version of the MongoDB database which runs locally on the device enables the offline access to the data which is a significant functionality needed for an on-demand taxi app business.
Wrapping up:

In a competitive world, to win the rat race, you need to stand out of the crowd. You should be creative enough to attract your customers.

Do you have plans in building an Uber-like app?

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The cost varies upon the features you include, platform usage and, the number of resources on work.

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