Headless Commerce Architecture: Is the Future Proof of E-commerce Business

Remarkable growth has been marked in the online shopping sector. This has given more pressure to the eCommerce industry and it faces the major challenge of providing a seamless shopping experience to users. More advanced technologies are implemented in recent eCommerce development. One such leading trend is headless commerce architecture.

What is headless commerce?

In traditional commerce architecture, both front-end and back-end are coupled and they work together. But with headless commerce, the front-end of the eCommerce platform is decoupled from the back-end and they both interact with API. Using the API the headless commerce pushes the content from the back-end of the platform to any device.

By implementing a headless commerce platform every brand gets complete freedom to run their stores across various front-end solutions. This is why around 61% of e-retailers prefer to have a headless commerce platform for their retail businesses.

Traditional Commerce Vs Headless Commerce?

Before understanding about headless commerce platforms you need to identify the difference between traditional commerce and headless commerce.

Traditional commerce

The monolithic model is determined as the traditional commerce model. Many leading brands still follow the same old monolithic commerce strategy for their business. With traditional commerce you can gain complete control over a full ecommerce platform. This will help you while customizing the platform as per your business requirement.

Same time, traditional commerce is slow in process and you cannot expect instant outcomes. Also the development cost is high when compared to headless commerce platform development. This is one of the key reasons people turn towards this new headless commerce approach.

Headless commerce

This is an API-driven platform through which you can utilize CMS, application, custom frontend and many more. It is easy to integrate any complex ecommerce feature. The platform can be more flexible and versatile for users.

Headless commerce platforms enable omnichannel experience with centralized headless CMS. Easy management of storefront on multiple channels is the key advantage of using headless commerce platforms.

Headless Commerce the Right Fit & Can Future-Proof Your Digital Strategy?

Headless ecommerce platform provides a better way to optimize the ecommerce experience of your users and comes with best pricing and gives complete flexibility. You can easily switch over your traditional ecommerce platform to headless commerce platform. Before switching you need to clearly understand how headless commerce is the future for the ecommerce industry.

API enabled solutions

Developers get more access to APIs and they can easily use any third-party API while developing the headless commerce platform. Every micro-service will have an individual API that provides hyper-personalization to the admin of the platform and facilitates better shopping experience to customers.

Easy migration

Headless commerce solutions come with a wide range of plugins that are well-integrated with the platform and support in migrating from existing ecommerce platform to headless commerce approach.

Scale quickly

There is no restriction in utilizing technologies and multiple digital channels while developing a headless commerce platform as it is perfectly scalable. No matter what size your ecommerce business to setup is, a headless commerce approach can support huge amounts of data.

Headless Commerce Architecture: How Headless Commerce Works

API is used to pull information stored in the back-end to far more channels that includes wearable digital devices, car commerce, IoT devices, kiosks and many more. Apart from headless CMS, this headless approach also needs a proper inventory system to manage all products. The inventory system needs to be connected with multiple sellers and also with shipping agencies to deliver products.

A secured payment system is needed to carry out the payment process effectively. You can utilize the existing payment APIs to be integrated with the headless commerce platform. Once the payment transaction is carried out successfully, the API in the headless commerce platform will send notification to the inventory system, the admin panel and the seller to process the order.

Thus the overall ecommerce functioning will be carried out in an effective way with a headless commerce approach.

Benefits of Headless Ecommerce Approach for Online Business

Better performance – every new update can be notified to customers without deploying the entire ecommerce platform. This will increase the site speed and faster downloads and quicker page loading can be experienced by customers with headless commerce platforms. 40% of page abandonment happens mainly because of poor loading speed of the platform. This can be eliminated by developing a headless ecommerce solution.

Greater flexibility – being a decoupled platform, headless commerce provides greater flexibility to users as they will get complete control over the content, design and all other main aspects of the platform. Developers can go for rapid changes and have more innovative solutions without altering the entire platform.

Reliable security – headless commerce platform comes as a cloud-based application service and each customer’s data is stored separately and no customer can access other data. So a high level of security is provided to user data and customers can be surer about their data security with a headless commerce approach.

More personalization – frequent updation can be done with headless commerce platforms. You can make it more lively and trendy and give an excellent customer experience with a headless commerce interface. Without affecting the back-end platform, developers can create promotional activities; do merchandising faster than traditional commerce.

Broader customer reach – with a headless commerce platform there is no restriction of devices to access the platform. So you will get a huge audience to your platform from several sources. You can provide an omnichannel experience to users with this new headless commerce approach.

Support to build PWAs – with the help of Magento PWA studio, developers can easily build PWA for headless commerce platform. PWAs are the perfect alternative for native applications and this can gain the attention of all mobile users to access the platform with more ease.


Always think big and give ways to innovative ideas when it comes to business. You need to confront your competitors and for that you need to be ahead of them by using the latest and advanced technologies and services in your ecommerce platform. All you need is to select the best headless cms for ecommerce.


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