What is ZielCommerce: Features Presentation and Everything you need to know Before to Start

ZielCommerce is the technology-driven platform that facilitates all business models to experience a great digital transformation. Also, users can get perfect migration from a single store to multi-seller store. Users will get a fully functioning eCommerce website and can launch their online store instantly.

The cloud-based eCommerce platform will allow users to have remote access to their resources. The ready-to-use features of Zielcommerce will support you to expand your sales channels, gain flexible store management and provide an excellent customer experience. Being an intuitive eCommerce software, users can get a feature-rich UI & UX design.

ZielCommerce features

Zielcommerce provides Agile eCommerce solutions and satisfies all user groups like admin, vendors, and buyers with its salient features. 

  • One-time payment – users own the complete source code and get lifetime license of Zielcommerce by just paying once. There will not be any hidden cost when you purchase this software.
  • Mobile responsive design – the platform is perfectly user-friendly and can fit into any screen size. This will boost your conversion rate and will reduce your bounce rate.
  • Multilingual & multiple currency support – gain the attention of a global audience to your ecommerce platform as the software supports multiple languages and multiple currencies. Users can expand their business without any geographical restrictions.
  • 100% customization & scalability – sculpt your ecommerce store with zielcommerce through its high-end customization option. The platform will perfectly fit into your business and you can keep expanding your operations with its scalable feature.
  • SEO-friendly – get easy search engine ranking with the search engine optimized platform. You can get more organic traffic to your ecommerce website.
  • Multiple payment gateways – Zielcommerce is integrated with all leading payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and many more. Users can expect unimaginable conversions through our platform.

ZielCommerce Pricing 

The complete software package comes with an affordable price and it will be a perfect choice for any SME. The price varies according to the feature requirements. Budding entrepreneurs may prefer default features to be available in their platform. Enterprises may need to have platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. 

By understanding the users’ business requirements and their budget, the platform will be designed accordingly. Users can prefer readymade platforms which are affordable and some may wish to build it from scratch which is quite costly. It is all users’ choice.

ZielCommerce pros 

  • Sellers and buyers can easily communicate with each other as the platform is integrated with multiple communication channels.
  • Promoting your brand will not be a difficult task as the ecommerce platform has all advanced in-built marketing tools and with less effort you can reach higher brand visibility.
  • Zielcommerce comes with dedicated mobile applications that covers maximum mobile users and gives a perfect user interface.
  • The ready-made software comes with an affordable price and it is totally budget-friendly.
  • Users can experience reliable support from the technical team round the clock.
  • The platform provides multiple payment options that allow buyers to choose their convenient payment method to purchase the product.
  • The software is integrated with genuine shipping logistics and ensures on-time delivery to delight your customers.
  • Any third-party APIs can be integrated with Zielcommerce platform and users can easily synchronize the data effectively.
  • Zielcommerce supports a headless ecommerce approach and gives complete freedom to the end-user to have their own front end.
  • The platform supports all revenue models and helps to streamline your revenue channels.
  • Advanced and trending technologies like Mean and Mern Stack are used to build the ecommerce platform.

Zielcommerce Cons

  • The major expectation from this platform is it would have been better if the platform had a free demo version to understand the accessibilities.
  • The platform needs to put more attention on report generation.

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