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A full stack developer is someone who has thorough knowledge in every stage of the software development cycle including server operations, mobile development, front end, and back development and finally the design. In a nutshell, a full stack developer is a person who can develop both client side and server software.

Benefits of being a Full Stack Developer

  • As a full stack developer, you can master all the techniques and technologies involved in the development project.
  • You can easily reduce the total cost of developing the project
  • Making a prototype has become easier for you
  • You can offer help for any issues in your team.
  • Based on the requirements, you can switch between the front and back end development.

Not all full stack developers are the same. You have different types of full stack developers. In this article, we will see the types of developers and how to wisely choose them for your upcoming projects.

Know about the Full Stack Developer

A full stack software developer is a specialist in creating and maintaining various components to successfully run a web application. These components include frontend, back end layers and also the DevOps activities. No two full stack developers are similar. They vary in the knowledge of specific technology and in the mastering the specific layers in the software stack.

The popular web stacks are LAMP, MEAN, ASP.NET, ROR technologies. Full stack developers are not specialized in everything but rather, they have the general knowledge in all the technologies required.

Layers of Full Stack a full stack developer needs to develop

Any web application has three main components namely, front end, back end layer and DevOps. Some of the web projects don’t need a front end since they only provide an API. Some doesn’t need a back end since it may be a single page application or static pages. Some system doesn’t need DevOps support considering it has all the hosting solutions in it.

Full Stack Development Layer
Designing the Front End

Whatever you visualize is through the front end. In common it uses three technologies for a fabulous experience for the users. HTML for the website structure, CSS for creating style and Javascript for crafting the logic. Visual design is not the only thing any users expect, they also want the website to load fast. Users usually ditch the site when the sites or apps run slow. So, the full stack developers you hire should provide a good design of the website which will also load within seconds.

Designing the Back End

The backend layer refers to all the components which work on the server. No user can view it but no advanced web applications can run without a back end. Typically, a backend takes the responsibility of all the business logic and storing objects into the databases.

Designing Devops

Actions such as managing server, deploying and updating applications, scaling up or down the system are taken care of by the developers. Full stack developers are also responsible for creating and managing the backend databases, cloud storage, caches, etc. In general, professionals who had previous experience in a larger enterprise will have a hands-on in administrating servers, scaling systems and managing their cloud hosting providers

How to choose a full stack web developer for your project?

Full stack developers are often defined by the technologies they are familiar with. Let me provide you the languages, tools and the technologies they may be specialized in.

  • Technology Stack: LAMP, MEAN, ASP.NET
  • Front end language: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Front end Framework: React, Angular, Ember
  • Back end languages: PHP, Python, Ruby
  • Back end framework: Rails, laravel, Django, Node.js
  • Platforms: Amazon web services, Google cloud platform, Microsoft Azure
  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL

Hire a Full Stack Developer who Fulfills the following Criteria

  • who can understand 4 each technology present in the market?
  • who can work in flexible timing?
  • who can take the right decision for the business to yield more ROI?
  • who can learn new technology easily?
  • who has more creativity which is mandatory?
  • who follows and make a note on the latest trend in the market.

Still curious to know how to find a knowledgeable full stack professional for your project? Here I will provide you some tips for finding the full stack developer.

1.Narrow down your search:

You can find many IT enterprises who can render you with an experienced full stack developer and mobile developers. before hiring a full stack developer for your project, read reviews online, look for companies rating, ensure that the company offers you 24*7 support.

2.Set your requirements high:

When you are hiring a developer for a contract, brainstorm with the resources, provide them some complex tasks. Make sure the developer you are going to hire gets the problem solved and meet the deadline.

3.Know their specialization:

As mentioned, not all full stack developers are specialized in all technologies. Know the capabilities and limitations of a developer by giving them a test and deadline. From it, you can come to a conclusion regarding whether they are good at building a database or designing a front end.

4.Project complexity:

Hire a full stack developer according to the size and complexity of the project, If the project is a small scale, hiring a full stack developer with profound knowledge is enough. If the project is a large scale, you sometimes need a team of full stack developers.

Why is it essential to hire a full stack developer for your project?

  • If you wish to obtain any return from your project, you will have to depend on such expertise. Not everyone has the skill set to handle your project from a 360-degree perspective.
  • A full stack developer does both of front end and back end tasks. These professionals are originally goal oriented, always they are foresighted about the customer expectations and they come up with solutions without relying on others.
  • Many full stack developers in the market have taken part in different types of web projects. They would have equipped themselves with in-depth knowledge in the domain of web and app development. You can, hence, expect that their insight, in the long run, will be beneficial for your project.
  • The main benefit of hiring a full stack developer is that they can assist with the entire design structure and afford their input on any level as needed.
  • According to a recent survey, 94 % of people believed that web design was the major reason they loved or rejected a website. Hiring professional full stack developers will make your web project more user-friendly.
  • They are capable enough to recognize problems that arise during the project and troubleshoot them.

Hiring dedicated or team of full-stack developers from Bigziel Technologies will offer you with the following

Quality Assurance:

Endeavoring to deliver a project of high quality by addressing the problem until the project meets the requirements.

100% Transparency:

They maintain 100% transparency with clients by offering every update connected to their projects during the full stack development.

Confidentiality & Ownership:

They ensure that the project allocated for them is protected & confidential with them. They also provide complete ownership of the entire project, including source code, NDA, copyright, etc.

Technical Expertise:

They offer full stack development solution via skilled engineers and designers, who can work with the newest tools & technologies and track the best full stack development practices.

Wrapping up, Bigziel Technologies is one of the best IT enterprises from where you can hire the best resources in the market. Contact Now

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