How to Start & Run Successful Online Hotel Booking Business Website?

To run a successful hotel, you need guests. The chance of capturing and retaining the guests all depends on the reservation system you have. A well-organized system will support the hotel management to ensure a steady flow of guests.

If you are planning to run an online hotel business then you should be more particular on designing a flawless hotel booking website that has to be more user-friendly to attract more customers and increase revenue. The website should enable guests to schedule dates and the dates of stay. They also should be able to select their rooms and should pay online.

Business Model of Hotel Booking Website

In order to gain better reach among the customers, one should have a simple business model. The hotel booking website should possess a flexible and convenient interface that facilitates the visitors to book their rooms and clear the payment with a very simple checkout process. The application should connect all the hotels that have rooms to rent and should give a clear picture to the visitors regarding the price, availability and booking options in detail.

How to make a successful booking website

Everyone can have a dream of developing a booking website like or but the real success in developing a booking website mainly relies on the team of professionals who are involved in developing the website. Make sure that you have perfect and skilled developers. In order to take the profit out of it, you need to promote the website for a long period and also then and there you may require to change a few pages according to your promotional activities. For this, you need back end support from the developer. You need to plan your budget in promoting your website. You can make use of all social media platforms to get greater reach and can increase the website traffic that in turn get you more leads.

Finally to have a successful booking website you need to concentrate on the below-mentioned aspects

  • Understand the real objectives
  • Concentrate more on the marketing strategy that can play well
  • Get to know more about your competitors;
  • Focus on your USP;
  • Create your own business plan

Plan for a perfect hotel booking Website

Be more specific with the script you select for your hotel booking website. Make sure that your hotel booking website modules support all the features that are really essential for running an online hotel booking business. In this case, you need a domain expert in guiding you in meeting out your pain points. Zielcommerce is a premium online service provider where you can get all software solutions under a single desk. With our dedicated team of professionals, we can make your business be more efficient and reliable by providing end to end support. Let us break down in detail about the modules that are to be in your hotel booking website.

Clarity in price

Customers always expect transparency. Any e-commerce platform should give clear pricing about its products or services. We may lose the trust of our customers if we have any hidden charges in our price. So make sure that your site provides detailed, clear pricing of your service. Zielcommerce can provide you a website with a phenomenal framework that will be more user-friendly for your guests while going through the price list. Exclusive filtering options will meet the key requirement of your guests.

Easy booking process

People mainly sign on your website to book a room. So you need to understand their purpose of visiting your site and make sure that you have an easy booking process. Your booking form should contain unnecessary fields to be filled. This will make customers abandon the booking and will move on to other sites. Always get the required details alone. With Zielcommerce you will never mess up with the booking process. Rooms will be allotted properly according to the availability. The end-user can have the overall control of selecting the rooms of his choice. Once the room is selected, the back-end admin will get the intimation and he can block that room for that particular guest. Hence we provide a scalable solution for our clients

Instant booking notification

People prefer online booking mainly because of the less time-consuming process. Your site should be responsible to provide instant notification to the guests once they book a room in your hotel. They should receive a notification mail as well as an SMS. This will prove how active you are in providing your service to your guests. Zielcommerce has a business-centric focus and we will integrate the network provider with your website so that real-time information is delivered to the guests. With us, you will always gain more credibility among your customers.

Booking options

We cannot be sure that the customers will stay at least a single day in their plan. They may even require a room just to freshen up. In this case, you need to provide an option of hourly basis booking. This is an entry-level strategy you can play and make the guests visit your hotel. If you please them with your hospitality you can retain them as your long term customers. Zielcommerce understands with empathy and can frame you the website with more booking options.

Flexible payment options with PayPal adaptive

This is the key aspect we all need to focus more on. customers will have different payment procedures and they will always stick on to their usual process. Since it is all about the payment they will not try to take the risk. So our website should provide all sorts of payment options. Zielcommerce will integrate reliable payment gateways mainly PayPal, as it is accepted world-wide, with your website and your guests can be more comfortable in paying the price.

One-step checkout

You should not burden your guests by making them undergo a tedious process of checking out. It should be more simple so that they can get a peaceful experience while leaving your hotel. Zielcommerce comes out with a one-step checkout process where it will contain auto-filled settings allowing the customers to save their time.

Make it SEO friendly

The real success of an online hotel booking business relies on how far the business is visible. In order to increase visibility, your site should be more SEO friendly. People will trust the sites that are in the topmost ranking when they search. Zielcommerce understands the search engine algorithms and will get you a website that perfectly matches the SEO norms.

We hope you gained enough information on how to start an online hotel booking business. Join hands with Zielcommerce and get ready to strike the digital market.

How much does it cost to make a hotel booking website?

Once we plan to develop a hotel booking website, the first thing comes to mind is the costing. We all stick on to our budget and we need the site to be developed within our estimated cost. The real costing relies on the functionalities we are going to have on our website. The normal range will be between $18,000 to $60,000.

The real factors that influence the cost of the project are listed below.

  • The UX we prefer to have.
  • The standard of the developing company
  • The platforms and frameworks that are to be used
  • The duration of the project
  • Maintenance support

The efficiency of the website mainly depends on how it has been developed. So make sure you prefer a reputed developing company to develop your hotel booking website.

Why choose ZielCommerce (ZielEngine) to build your Online Hotel Booking Website

The reputation the product holds determines the quality and the standard of the product. ZielEngine has gained more customer support in past years. If you plan to build your hotel booking website then ZeilEngine is the perfect readymade Booking Commerce platform that can meet out all your ecommerce needs. ZielEngine has covered all the essential modules and the required features to run your online hotel booking website. With this you can compete well in the market. We can ensure you on an effective administration of the whole booking process and it is totally hassle-free.

ZielEngine takes the whole responsibility of building your perfect hotel booking website. It is purely user-friendly and easy to understand. So even a non-technical person can easily handle the platform on his own. Get your ZeilEngine platform and start your dream project without any delay.


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