Why is Magento a Prospective Platform for your eCommerce Business?

A sophisticated ecommerce solution is the need of the hour. The ecommerce store you build should be scalable, flexible and also extensible to meet the business demands. Selecting the right platform is the major challenge that any ecommerce builder will face.

The ecommerce website should contain all world-class features and should have customer engaging themes and layouts. The platform you select should support the overall functionality and should give an impeccable solution to users. There are thousands of open source platforms available to build your ecommerce website. Among them Magento is best ecommerce platform that you can completely rely on.

The below mentioned stats will give you a clear picture of why Magento is best ecommerce platform

  • Magento is the one and only platform that has crossed millions of downloads.
  • More than 85000 active ecommerce websites in the US use magento.
  • Of all online stores, Magento takes the share of 28.9% on the whole.
  • Magento powers 1.2% of websites on the internet.
  • Around 290000 retailers only prefer magento for ecommerce.

Let us analyze the stats about Magento and its popularity in detail.

What Makes Magento the Best eCommerce Platform?

We know that you will be stunned to see the stats about Magento for ecommerce. There are several reasons that make Magento a good ecommerce platform. Users who are benefited by these distinctive features will always have their choice on magento for their ecommerce website development.

1. Cost factor – one of the main reasons why magento is best ecommerce platform is very cost-effective. Magento has two main versions, the community version and enterprise edition. Community version is an absolutely free version that anyone can download and use to build their ecommerce site.

Even this free version contains all essential features that include one step checkout, social login, Google Analytics and many more that are needed for a perfect online store. For further advancement you can go for the enterprise edition

2. Customizable – magento comes with 100% customization feature that will benefit every user to fine-tune their online store to perfectly fit into their business model. Without customization there is no point in building an ecommerce store.

Ecommerce using magento understands the importance of adaptation to changing technological advancement and business growth along with its expansion.

3. Design Capabilities For the Best UX – user experience is the key aspect that every ecommerce store owner needs to focus on. Magento supports users to build their ecommerce store with an amazing user interface that provides a seamless shopping experience to buyers.

It has all in-built features that deliver the best UX throughout the platform and the same is experienced when used in several devices.

4. Integrate it With a CRM – to provide an unmatched customer service and to easily manage the business operations, Magento has better CRM integration when compared with other leading platforms. Users can easily integrate their magento ecommerce store with any of their existing CRM with less effort.

High-quality data back insights can be generated through the Magento platform and you can easily interact with your users and this is why Magento is the best ecommerce platform.

5. Business centric features – magento platform goes along with your business growth and supports your future expansion. You may start your store as a single vendor marketplace platform and within a course of time you may plan to expand it to a multi vendor marketplace platform.

Magento gives full support to convert your platform as there is no restriction in the number of products you add, and there is no limit in users’ count. You can also enhance your user experience by providing an exclusive mobile app that is also supported by Magento.

6. User friendliness – your ecommerce store can gain more visitors and you can increase your customer base only when your ecommerce website is user-friendly to access.

Magento provides the best navigation tools and comes with better advanced search and filtering options that will facilitate users to easily handle your ecommerce store and can get to the product page they search for with a few clicks. This will obviously increase the conversion rate and you can also be benefited with better revenue generation.

7. Highly Secure – security threats are the major headache for any online store. Users will not be comfortable purchasing from your ecommerce store if your store is not secured.

Magento provides exclusive SSL layer protection to the platform and ensures your customers that their credentials are far away from hackers so that they can have secured shopping with your online store. Magento protects your site against account spoofing and DDOS attacks.

8. Mobile Friendly – around 92% of online buyers prefer their smartphones to buy products online. It is mandatory to have a mobile responsive design that will let mobile users to access your site and smooth transactions.

Magento is widely known for its cross-platform compatibility and cross-browser compatibility and hence delivers the best mobile responsive design that is easily accessible in all types of screens. This makes Magento a good ecommerce platform as it covers the major audience easily.

9. Widespread public acceptance – the stats discussed above clearly proves how far people have accepted Magento to build their ecommerce stores.

Users choose Magento for ecommerce mainly because it has a wide community that holds infinite users who are mostly developers and experts in this field. One can get support instantly when they approach this community.

Experts in the group will be available round the clock and you can easily get your doubts clarified and also you can get new suggestions and ideas to build your platform in a more effective way.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that Magento is the best ecommerce platform that supports all size of businesses to build their scalable, customizable and efficient online store that can easily reach its target audience with less effort. 

You can get greater visibility as magento has wider SEO capability tools that will let you get top ranking in all search engines. get easy promotion and sell your products easily by selecting magento for ecommerce store.


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