How To Build Marketplace App Like Wish – Shopping App Cost And Feature

Decades of technology development has landed us into an era where every business takes the online path. Online shopping marketplaces have witnessed that over 1.66 billion people worldwide had purchased goods online in 2017 and had earned the revenue of US $2.3 trillion which is predicted to reach a revenue of US $4.48 trillion in 2021.

Appalled by the numbers?

Yes, the internet and its benefits have reached people globally. Going by this sum of return by the marketplaces, it is foreseen that the eCommerce marketplace in the USA would reach 170 million at the end of 2019.

Is your mind is clung to build a marketplace like wish? Do you fret starting a new marketplace?

Don’t you worry? This article will shed you some insights regarding how you can create a marketplace app like wish.

I hope you are aware of one of the shopping apps called wish. From the survey by Flurry reveals that shopping apps are rapidly growing at a faster pace than the other applications in the market. There is a rise of 174% in an average session length of a user in a shopping app.

Wish Online Shopping Mobile App

The wish marketplace contains an exclusive mobile app where the customers can find the items they need and purchase within a blink of an eye.

Before jumping into how to build an online shopping app like wish, you should know the behavioral patterns of the customers using the shopping app.

  • 30% of the users will abandon the app because of the poor mobile experience.
  • Every 100ms increase in loading time of the page will decrease the sales by 1%.
  • 90% of the customers switch between different screens and the devices before they make a purchase.
  • 51% of mobile transactions are expected to be more convenient than offline shopping or shopping through desktops.
  • People who used a retailer’s app purchased products 21% more frequently in the same month after they downloaded it.
  • Customers who did use the interactive features like offers or loyalty programs had spent 16% to 20% less per average purchase.
  • According to the Google study zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), 81% of all the shopping from the smartphones are spontaneous.

Know Wish’s Business Model:

Wish is a highly popular shopping app which performs well in both iOS and Android. Founded in 2010, Wish in full swing started as an app that allowed users to craft lists of items they would like to buy later. By means of Wish, users could very well visit the website of a seller and buy products directly from the merchant’s website.

Marketplace Model

In a little while, Wish executed crowdsourced recommendations and started promoting goods similar to those in a user’s wishlist. In their mobile app, they provide various product catalogs where the browsing and filtering of one particular product which the customer is searching for are made easy. Wish also offers many alluring discounts for its customers for their purchase by collaborating with the retailers and wholesalers. The uniqueness in wish is an intuitive design, flexible payment option, coupons, and reward points.

Presently, there are 100milion+ customer account in wish app and more than 100000 merchants who sell more than 40 million products in the app.

It’s not merely a surprise why wish marketplace had reached the peak. It is because of its pricing. From clothing to accessories and smartphone cases, one can do everything in a price 50% to 70% less than the average.
This way, Wish marketplace has transformed into a massive marketplace which has many unique items which you can’t find even in Walmart’s shelves.

I assume by you landing to this article, you seem more likely to build an online marketplace app like wish. Are you hesitant? Just have a look through the statistics of the wish marketplace.

  • 500 million users are currently active in Wish app.
  • There are more than 1million Wish merchants.
  • The Wish marketplace app has reported a revenue of $1.9billion in 2018, whereas it was only $1billion in 2017.
  • The reported valuation of wish is $8.7 billion.
  • Wish spends $100million annually on Facebook ads.
  • The reported funding of Wish funding is $1.25 billion.

The projects associated with the Wish marketplace app:

As they took to Facebook with its messenger app, which had excluded all the unrequired features, there are different projects the Wish app is fragmented into.
It is a major and the most widely used app which comprises of products like clothing, cosmetics, bags, gadgets, etc.

Geek wish:
This application is built to sell hi-tech electronic devices and gadgets.

Mama Shopping:
This application is exclusively meant for pregnant women and young mothers. The app has items from child care products, clothing, accessories for children or pregnant women.

Home Décor:
This app is where a customer finds thousands of home accessories.
Cute wish:
To attract more women and girls, this app is meant to have more cosmetics, accessories, beauty products, clothing to offer its customers with a visual treat.

Essential features to build a wish like a marketplace app:

Let us dig deep into the must-have features to build a marketplace app like Wish.

Customer Panel:

  • Signup/Sign in for the customers
  • Find stores- to locate a particular store for purchase.
  • Filter- to find the product they are searching for.
  • View offers- customers can view various offers provided by the Wish marketplace app.
  • Loyalty programs for customers.
  • Shipment tracking- enables the customers to track the location of the product.
  • Product Details- Allows the users to know about the description of the product.
  • Add to Cart- It facilitates the customers to add the products to the cart which they can purchase in the future.
  • Manage Profile- Consumers can manage their own profile like setting up the password, etc.
  • Live Chat- It renders help for the users 24/7 to chat with customer support.
  • Manage Notifications- Customers can receive and click on the notification to take a decision to buy a product.

Merchant Panel:

  • Registration/ Login- merchants can easily register into the app and if they are already a member, it is easy to log in.
  • Activate Subscription Plan- It enav=bles the merchants to activate the subscription plan for a period.
  • Metrics and Analytics- It aids the merchants to analyze their business over a stipulated time.
  • Product promotions- here is the place where the merchants can promote their products.
  • Run Campaigns- Merchants can run various campaigns to promote their products.
  • Manage catalog and orders- sellers can manage catalogs and view about the orders from the customers.
  • Payment Accounting- It lends its hands to know about the payment processing of the customers
  • User Review- Merchants can view the reviews and ratings offered by the customers for their products.

Admin Panel:

  • Login- Admin can log in with their login id and password.
  • Dashboard- which shows the overall users, Average time, Total males and females, Total collections, Total connections, Campaign performance, etc.
  • Manage Users- This feature manages all the customers and the merchants in the app.
  • Manage campaigns- It facilitates the admin to manage the campaigns created by the merchants.
  • Manage product category- The products included in the app by the merchants can be controlled by the admin.
  • The admin can also manage Promotions/ Rewards/ Points.
  • The admin can also manage payments and referrals.

How To Build Marketplace App Like Wish:

Now that you know the exemplary performance and the customer base of the Wish marketplace app, you would be wondering on how to create a marketplace app like Wish with less cost, more features and within less time. Zielcart is a readymade solution, where you can build an app like Wish. Zielcart is cent percent customizable and it has immaculate UX/UI design and fascinating security features.

Zielcart’s features for building a marketplace app like Wish:

Apart from the above mentioned essential features, Zielcart also offers additional features to its clients to temp its customers to shop more from their marketplace app.

Manage login sessions:
With this facility, the admin manages the login bonus of the active users. The user who actively uses the system will get a bonus in their account wallet. The system explores and captures the active time of each user in the app.


Personalization enables the customers to get the specific result based on the factors like browsing behavior, location through GPS API, Culture festival, Order history.

Manage Warehouse:

Merchant inventory is managed by the admin through this feature. Sellers send their own inventory for shipping to the customers. Once the order has been placed, the remaining tasks are handled by the product warehouse.


The system integrates the shipping information for the order tracking by the users with the shipping API from the source to the destination.

Google MAp Integration:

Zielcart integrates the Google map to your marketplace app to display your entire store on the map. This facility is inculcated to make the user search for the store and locate them more conveniently.

App, PWA & Website:

To make the online market place app more accessible, the system is implemented in websites, PWA and in the mobile app.

Multi-currency support:

At the time of the checkout, the customers are facilitated to convert their currency, currency converter API is integrated as per the customers preferred currency through Google Currency API.

Analytics and Reporting:

With the help of this feature, the system tracks the user measurement, Ad visitors, ad tracking, conversions, etc.

Payment Gateway:

This functionality makes the shopping hassle-free for the customers since they are given the option to pay with any modes of payment like PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, etc.

CMS Integration:

As content is the core of the system, this functionality enables the app users to read all the information regarding the product and system.

Wrapping up:

To be a part of the top competitive company among the top marketplaces, finding the best ecommerce marketplace app development company plays a vital role. There are umpteen number of wish like app development companies all over the globe, choose the one who offers the best of services with professional experts in a budget-friendly manner.

Bigziel Technologies is the topmost eCommerce marketplace development company in India which has highly qualified and experienced developers. They will assist you in finding the smart way to reach the peak in your domain.

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